Researchers creates a 1000-core processor

Unconfirmed 458988.jpeg

If you think that deca-core processor in your smartphone is the best in the market – researchers at UC Davis has recently trumped it with a 1000 core processor that leaves others in the dust. 

This research project allows parallel tasks to be done faster than ever before – tasks like encryption, number crunching for scientific data and research, as well as video encoding. The processor is built on a 32 nanometer process, when other processors are being built using 14 nanometer these days. However the performance is not the only factor here. The processor can shut down individual cores at will, and it can handle 115 billion instructions while only using 0.7 watts of power. An AA battery is enough to power it!

While this processor will not come to market, it does pave the way for future technologies where we may see hundred-core processors coming to a desktop near you, or even to your smartphone in your pocket. Imagine what you can do with that processing power.