Royal palace implements thermal scanning tech with AI facial recognition to screen all visitors


With the outbreak of Covid-19, researchers all over the world are looking for solutions and ways to handle the pandemic. One of them is SenseTime, a startup that is developing AI that aims to identify people who are infected with the virus. The company has developed a new thermal scanning tech to scan people visiting the King's Palace while using AI for facial recognition.

SenseTime has partnered up with Malaysian-based G3 Global Berhad to develop the SenseTime Nebula-ITMDT and the SenseTime Thunder-E Thermal Imaging Solutions. Essentially, the technology uses thermal imaging cameras to scan people and those who have higher than normal body temperature will trigger alerts. It's also supposed to have an algorithm that can detect if a person is wearing a mask, as well as facial recognition that can work even if the person wears a mask.

Having this technology makes it possible for the officers at the palace to potentially detect people who may be infected. It also provides an advantage in being contactless and reduces the number of needed manpower. The technology was also implemented in Beijing International Airport and has proven its effectiveness in screening the high volume of people at the airport.

Hopefully, we'll see more places implementing this technology, especially medical institutions. But having said that, how effective do you think will this be in detecting those who are infected here? Let us know on our Facebook page and stay tuned to for more news.