Rumour: Apple iPhone 5S Prototype Pictured

Apple iPhone 5S curved prototype.jpg

A few days back we talked about possible features of the Apple iPhone 5S (and other future Apple iPhones). One of the main rumours that we brought up involved a curved wraparound display. At the time of writing, the pictures available were figures used within the patent filing, however, recently photos of a possible Apple iPhone 5S prototype with almost exactly the same curved looking screen have surfaced.

Apple iPhone 5S curved prototype 2.jpg

Bear in mind that the design of the prototype and patent filing are all completely different from existing Apple iPhone designs. As such they could very well be clever renders or a different prototype smartphone altogether. Most of the time such proof of concept prototypes are merely plastic rectangles, making the possibility of these photos being fake very high. So far, this news was not released on 1 April 2013 but do take this rumour with a big pinch of salt. What do you think? Is it real or fake?


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