Rumour: LG Google Nexus 5 confirmed?

LG Nexus 5.jpg

While rumours are going around about Google's next device, it looks like LG may retain its right to make the next Google smartphone in the form of the LG Google Nexus 5. While LG did make the Google Nexus 4, this rumour is based more on the fact that Google CEO Larry Page has been avisiting with LG and been in numerous talks with LG head officials such as chief executive Koo Bon-joon. Based on this report from Korea Times Google has probably selected LG to make the Nexus 5.

Unfortunately, the report does not mention anything about technical specs. However, it does mention that Google could also be in collaboration with LG over a an LG-Google OLED TV, something along the same lines as the curved screen OLED TV that LG presented at CES 2013.