Rumour: iPhone 5S going dual shot?

Apple 5S Dual Shot.jpg

While it still hasn't come out yet, the Apple iPhone 5S continues to gain more and more rumours. While hardware rumours such as an improved 2MP front-facing camera seem very unlikely (the S versions of Apple's iPhone usually involve software upgrades more than hardware upgrades) some rumours still fit. This includes a rumour from iOSDoc that mentions the next iPhone will come out with iOS 7 and the ability to record full HD Videos. It also mentions the fact that it may have a dual-shot feature allowing you to take a shot or a video using both cameras at the same time.

Since all three rumoured upgrades are software related it seems very believable that these upgrades will be available in the Apple iPhone 5S. According to the report, the dual-shot feature will be integrated into the final iOS 7 version, however, the dual-shot feature is to be made exclusive for just the Apple iPhone 5S and probably not available on previous generation Apple iPhones.


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