Rumours: 4 Samsung Galaxy Note III versions coming soon?


There have been a lot of rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Some have said that it would come with a 5.7-inch screen, while others have said 6-inches. Others more have said that it would have an unbreakable / flexible display. In a recent rumour, perhaps it could be that all of the above are correct in that there may be more than one version coming out for the Samsung Galaxy Note III. According to rumours there may actually be 4 such versions which include:

  • Version 1 - Premium materials (carbon fiber, etc.), 13MP camera, unbreakable AMOLED screen, limited edition
  • Version 2 - Plastic body, 13MP camera, normal AMOLED display
  • Version 3 - Plastic body, 13MP camera, LCD Screen
  • Version 4 - Plastic body, 8MP camera, LCD screen

While this hasn't been confirmed, it would be awesome if it did and would explain all the conflicting rumours swirling about for the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Hopefully everything turns out well when it gets announced at the IFA 2013 in September.