Rumours: 7 Nokia codenames leaked but not matched yet

Nokia Codenames.jpg

Apart from a tablet and a phablet, apparently Nokia has 7 new Nokia product codenames which include "Bandit, LanaiOrion, Pegasus, Rivendell, Shorty, Siruis". While Bandit refers to the Nokia phablet, the other 6 codenames are still not matched up to any other device. Some sources are saying that Rivendell will be the codename of the rumoured Nokia Windows RT tablet and who is to say that one of the other codenames could be for a Nokia Windows 8 / Surface Pro tablet as well. Since all of the known codenames seem to be referring to Nokia Windows products, it could be a safe bet to surmise that the other codenames refer to more Nokia Windows devices, perhaps in the form of some more Lumia smartphones. However, codenames in Nokia will probably remain just that as Nokia's naming conventions have always been based on numbers and not codenames. They do indicate 7 new Nokia products though which is still something to look forward to for Nokia fans.


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