Rumours: ASUS Malaysia to open up online store in November 2014?


Quite a few smartphone manufacturers here in Malaysia have had problems with local distributors either in jacking up prices or even not selling according to the promotion at hand. Many have sought to solve this by offering their own online store but this too has had problems with many of them offering much-wanted smartphones or devices in batches. While this may help raise the hype, quite a few users end up thinking it is a publicity stunt or getting disgruntled with the brand and online service. It seems that ASUS Malaysia may soon be opening up their own online store sometime in November 2014 in part to help users get products like the ASUS ZenFone smartphones and ASUS Fonepad tablets at the price offered. Our anonymous tipster says that they won't be selling in batches like other official online stores but we'll hopefully find out more in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more information but as always with such rumours do take this with a pinch of salt.

Thanks anonymous tipster!

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