Rumours: Apple hints new product coming 2014, iWatch to come sooner?

Apple iWatch.jpg

Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple was recently quoted as saying that there are:

"great new products in areas where [Apple does] not participate today".

While he went on to say nothing really concrete, many are taking this as a sign that Apple may soon launch a new product category in 2014, especially since he referred to products coming "across 2014". With Apple already having computers, desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, a new product category could very likely be the upcoming Apple iWatch smartwatch. So far there are little to no tech specs or features regarding the iWatch with many expecting it to come in late 2014. While they don't confirm anything, Tim Cook's comments could indicate that we'll be seeing an Apple iWatch (this could still be an Apple TV though) sooner than that.