Rumours: Apple iPhone 7 will have the same dimension as the current generation?


The next generation of the Apple iPhone is set to be one of the more speculated and leaked. We have seen that it may have an audio jack, or may not. It may be water proof, and it even may have a zoom lens. The latest report states that the Apple iPhone 7 may just share dimensions with the current Apple iPhone 6S Plus

According to a render by a case maker, the phone will be retaining the same measurements at 138.30 x 67.12mm. There is no indication of the thickness, so we may see some expansion from that dimension, but perhaps not so much. 


There are speculations that the bezel of the new Apple iPhone 7 will be razor thin, or Apple will be increasing the battery capacity of the phone. Also from the render, the camera seems to be a single lens rather than the suggested dual lens. We will share more news once it pops up on the interwebs. 


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