Rumours: Apple iWatch coming for men and women in 2014?

Apple iWatch 2.jpg

The rumour that Apple may be making a smartwatch called the Apple iWatch in 2014 is getting more meat and details as other rumours pop up. One of the latest is that we may be getting two types or sizes of Apple iWatch come this 2014, a 1.7-inch Apple iWatch for men and a 1.3-inch Apple iWatch for women. This rumour comes courtesy of analyst David Hsieh who has been quite accurate so far about previous Apple products. While this prediction does not mention how exactly each Apple iWatch may look or what tech specs they may have, it is a very logical conclusion. Traditionally, watches are very different in terms of size for men and women, after all, you probably won't see a large Rolex or sports watch on a woman's wrist or vice versa. While Apple have traditionally followed the one-size-fits-all design paradign they recently changed this approach when they released the Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C, so the rumour of two different Apple iWatch smartwatches according to gender sounds like the right way to go. As usual, do take this with a pinch of salt, as a rumour remains a rumour until it is proven.

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