Rumours: Apple iWatch smartwatch to offer home automation?

Apple iWatch.jpg

It appears that while many are still in search of the "Internet of things" or literally the ability to link everyday items to the Internet easily this ability has been linked to the upcoming Apple iWatch smartwatch. This is by far one of the more outlandish rumours, mainly because Apple isn't very well known in home automation. The rumour comes courtesy of parts suppliers who say that the Apple iWatch could be used as the main remote control for home automation. While we certainly don't see an Apple iFridge or iBlender in the horizon, it could just as easily be a general purpose Bluetooth or WiFi enabled power switch which would connect to the iWatch or just related to Apple iPod sound systems and the like. However, this begs the questions, "Why the iWatch? Why not  the iPhone, iPod touch or other Apple products?" As always, take this rumour with a pinch of salt, and we will keep you updated as to any new developments. As usual of a rumour involving a device expected to arrive many months down the line, there were no tech specs, features, Malaysia release dates or pricing details just yet.