Rumours: Bezelless 10.9-inch Apple iPads in the works



If you are a fan of Apple’s take on a tablet, be ready. The company from Cupertino is said to have a new iPad in the works – one that is without-bezel and will be sized around the 10.9-inch size.  

Specs wise, we may see a rehash of the list from the iPad Air 2 category, as per the report the new tablet may have a Pro moniker, but will be targeted towards the mass consumption market. Adding to that news is that the tablet will have a 10.9-inch display – in a 9.7-inch body, the same size as an iPad Air 2.  

At the same time we may see a new iPad Mini being launched at the same time as this bezelless iPad, so we should see a couple (at least) of new iPads coming from the company in the near future. Stay tuned to TechNave for more iPad news.