Rumours: Black Apple iPhone 5C appears

Apple iPhone 5C Black 1.jpg

We've seen any number of colourful plastic backcasings for the upcoming low-cost Apple iPhone 5C and we've also seen it in white. However, we've never seen it black, until now. Recently leaked images show the glossy black Apple iPhone 5C and it looks way better than any of the other colours. No idea why it took so long for it to surface but it should offer an interesting option when or if the Apple iPhone 5C gets released. Again, no news on availability in Malaysia although many are guessing it will probably be after the 10 September announcement. Pricing is rumoured to be not so low-cost as initially expected (around $400 ~ $500 or RM1317 ~ RM1646) but it is still better than the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S which is rumoured to cost $650 (RM2139). For now, check out the pics.

Apple iPhone 5C Black 2.jpg

Apple iPhone 5C Black 3.jpg


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