Rumours: BlackBerry A10 could actually be Z30?

BlackBerry A10.jpg

For quite some time now we've been watching renders of "the most powerful BlackBerry device ever" and seen the numerous spec leaks of what we've all come to know as the BlackBerry Aristo A10. However, new rumours are about that it may not actually be called that in the end as so far BlackBerry only have two product lines under the names of 'Q' for the devices with physical QWERTY keyboards and 'Z' for those with touch screens. Rather than be called the A10, which designates it as a completely different product some industry watchers are expecting it to be called the BlackBerry Z30. For some, this makes more sense as the Aristo is a larger touch screen device in the same line as the BlackBerry Z10. However, this still doesn't explain why it would be Z30 and not Z20 as there is still no Z20 device just yet. A video render showing off the Aristo that may be named as the Z30 recently appeared bearing the same BlackBerry 10 gesture navigation as in other BlackBerry devices:

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