Rumours: Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note III with 8MP camera being made?

Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note III.jpg

While the Samsung Galaxy Note III is just days from being unveiled, some new rumours have cropped up stating that a cheaper version may also be in development. This cheaper version may get it's price cut due to lower-end internal features and tech specs such as the aforementioned 8MP camera sensor. Other hardware that may be cut-down includes the Super AMOLED screen which may be replaced with an LCD screen. So far, no news on actual pricing or availability but according to the rumours 30% of the entire first batch of Samsung Galaxy Note III phablets are in fact the cheaper versions and will be sold alongside the more expensive version for more options. No exact release dates in Malaysia but the report further states that the cheaper version would be made available for emerging markets like Malaysia. For now, we can only wait and see the Samsung Galaxy Note III unveiling on 4 September 2013.