Rumours: Google Gem Nexus Smartwatch coming 31 October 2013?

Google Gem Nexus Smartwatch.jpg

It isn't a new rumour that Google is working on a smartwatch of their own, but it's a new rumour that it may be called the Google Gem Nexus smartwatch. To top this off the Gem Nexus may get it's reveal date alongside Android 4.4 KitKat on 31 October 2013. The rumour comes from Android Police who say that while they don't have any pics to back them up, they are quite confident that both could get revealed on the same date. So far we don't have any tech specs or features apart from another rumour which indicates that it may be related to the Motorola xWatch, but it seems unlikely that Motorola would release a separate smartwatch now that it is owned by Google. Bear in mind too that Google previously bought WIMM Labs, makers of the WIMM One smartwatch about a year ago, so they've had a good amount of time to create a WiFi enabled smartwatch with a robust Android based app platform (which are the 2 main features that the WIMM One had). No specific Malaysia release dates or pricing but we should find out at the end of the month.