Rumours: Google LG Nexus smartwatch coming in March with June release at Google I/O?

Google Nexus smartwatch.jpg

Reports indicate that Google could finally come out with it's smartwatch. They also say that LG could be the manufacturer in charge of the 'Nexus' smartwatch due to their previous good jobs with the other Nexus devices. It is expected to integrate a lot of voice commands through Google Now and that Google are working on a fork or version of Android designed for smartwatches, perhaps solving the current problem of short battery life. The reports go on further to say that Google could announce this smartwatch in March 2014 with a possible release date in June 2014 at Google I/O. No news on pricing yet, but if Google want it to be a hit, it should be fairly affordable or at least below the $100 (RM327) mark, especially if it is going to be another companion accessory.