Rumours: HTC 10 leaked video and a possible HTC 10 variant?


Just in case you didn't know, but a HTC 10 video evidently leaked online just hours before the online event tonight. There's nothing much to see in the video, because it pretty much confirms all the previous image leak. However, there is one interesting leak which is HTC might show not one but two HTC 10 variants, one being the standard version and the other known as HTC 10 Lifestyle.

The leaked video

htc life.jpg

HTC 10 Lifestyle?

According to a new report, the HTC 10 Lifestyle might sport a SD652-powered variant, and because this is the first time we (and everyone else) has heard it, we can barely get any information. Whether or not it's a HTC 10 variant or a completely new device, we will just have to wait until tonight to see.

Aside from that, HTC is promising great battery life, BoomSound audio, awesome camera (Ultrapixel with OIS) and 4K video recording. Stay tuned for the coverage tonight here at soon!

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