Rumours: LG filing patent for possible folding smartphone?


It seems that the trend to follow this year is patents on folding smartphones. Take LG for example. They have just filed a patent where they are positing the idea of a foldable smartphone that can change from a smartphone to a tablet form in a flip.


The patent filing shows that the display wraps outside of the phone when it is not in tablet mode. This extra area of touch gives the phone a new control surface when it is in smartphone more. Plus, the back of the screen slides out to reveal the camera module, fingerprint scanner and a new control surface never seen before.


For entertainment, there is even a stand-mode, where the screens tilts up to function as a display while on a flat plane. Finally, the full tablet experience can be revealed when the device fully opens like a tablet, giving users a different user interface while in tablet mode.

This filing may just be something that LG is doing to keep the ideas safe from other competitors and may not be a real product by itself – but we hope it will be one day.


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