Rumours: Leaked Apple iPad 5 housing confirms iPad mini-like design, plus video with front panel

New Apple iPad mini back confirms design .jpg

Pictures showing off the rear aluminum housing for the upcoming Apple iPad 5 or 5th generation Apple iPad have recently leaked. A closer look at the housing confirms that it will go for an Apple iPad mini like design, one with thinner narrower bezels and an overall narrower look than the previous generation tablet. The proof is in the numbers, or in this case the measurements where the back housing is 168mm wide compared to the previous generation which was 185mm wide. While this may result in less space, the screen and height are expected to remain the same with the side bezels shrinking to retain the original screen size. Other changes include dual stereo speakers on the bottom and an updated volume rocker button. No news when this new Apple iPad 5 would be available (in Malaysia or around the world) or for how much but it should be soon. In the meantime, check out the video below showing off the Apple iPad 5 back panel and front panel being assembled: