Rumours: Microsoft going to make Free Windows Phone and Windows RT versions?


Some rather contradictory rumours have appeared as well, stating that Microsoft could soon make their Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems free for device makers. This would hopefully cause a drop in production costs as device makers currently need to pay license fees for every device. This contradicts earlier rumours that Windows RT would be replaced by Windows Phone but this could be another option which Microsoft are considering. According to this rumour, Microsoft would only ask for licensing fees from their Pro products like Windows 8.1 and other desktop operating systems. While this could let Microsoft compete with Android, doing so would mean a heavy blow to their revenue streams as this is how Microsoft makes their money. It also raises the question of "Would you get Windows RT if it was free?". Considering the limitations of Windows RT, only for educational or other specific situations. A free Windows Phone operating system on the other hand would definitely help raise Microsoft's profile and perhaps sell more Windows Phone based devices, but it wouldn't help Microsoft make money, unless they got creative with Office and other solution pricing. As usual, take this rumour with a pinch of salt.