Rumours: Microsoft offers Samsung $1 billion (RM3.23 billon) to make Windows Phones

Eldar Mutazin Samsung 1bln tweet.jpg

While Windows Phones continue to blaze trails in the smartphone market, most of them continue to be made by Nokia which was recently bought by Microsoft. To get any sort of real expansion for Windows Phones, Microsoft needs other smartphone makers to produce more Windows Phone devices and smartphones. To that end, blogger Eldar Murtazin recently tweeted that Microsoft has offered $1 billion a year to Samsung for it to make more Windows Phone devices. While this seems like a bribe, it is often used for developmental costs and seen as a Research and Development contribution. Before it was bought over by Microsoft, Nokia received $1 billion a year as well but this was marked as "platform support payments". So far, there doesn't seem to be any official word of consent or even denial from Samsung and this is still very much an unconfirmed rumour yet so take this with a good pinch of salt.