Rumours: Motorola Moto Z Maker back panel options leaked


MOTO-Z1-840x464.pngIf you are waiting intently for the new Motorola flagship, then check out the new back cover options that will be available on Moto Maker, Motorola's customization platform. Not only the phone to be made out of metal, the back cover looks to be interchangable, making customizing the Moto Z a breeze.  

From the leaked photo online, the back covers will come in multiple colours and multiple materials. The camera module looks to mimic the Motorola 360, complete with the flat tyre area underneath the lens and flash module. What is more apparent is that once the back cover is used, the camera module will be flush with the body, rather than have a pronounced hump.  


One of the material in the leak photo seems to be either wood or cork, as well as leather or pleather options for the back cover. This should give the customer a wide range of options to have their phones customised to their wants and needs. The back cover also looks to be a way to protect the 16-pin connectors for the MotoMods from element exposures.  

Look forward for more news of the Motorola Moto X, right here on TechNave. 


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