Rumours: New Apple iPad 5 images compared against iPad 4 appear

Apple iPad 5 vs 4 compare cover.jpg

The next Apple devices to be announced now cover Apple's tablet lineup and rumours about the Apple iPad 5 have cropped up. Now, we've seen quite a few of these pictures and images, but nearly all of them have been blurry or look like the work of a 3D renderer with too much time on his or her hands. These new pics show the Apple iPad 5 being held and are also quite clear to boot. They also seem to confirm that the next Apple iPad 5 will feature an Apple iPad mini-like design, complete with narrower bezels and a slimmer slate like profile. Take a look for yourself below as the new Apple iPad 5 chassis is compared against the current Apple iPad 4

Apple iPad 5 vs iPad 4 compare 1.jpg

Apple iPad 5 vs iPad 4 compare 2.jpg