Rumours: New Sony Xperia phone sighted with minimal bezels


The Sony Xperia smartphones are generally well accepted, even though the brand is not as prevalent as previously in the market. 2017 may be a game changer for the company however as they are set to release new smartphones in time for MWC 2017, and we now have hints of what we can expect from them in Barcelona, with a leak of the New Sony Xperia X.

The images we have seen is a shot of the alleged new smartphone from Sony, and it is said that it will have really small bezels, or small enough that it looks to be edge-to-edge. The shot looks to be from an advertising material for the new phone, so there are no concrete shots of the device itself.

Will the new Xperia X be a better choice for consumers than the outgoing Sony Xperia X model? We have to wait a month as MWC 2017 looms over us. So stay tuned to TechNave as we bring more news on the Sony Xperia X 2017.