Rumours: New price tag leaked for Xiaomi Mi 6 revealing five variants


So we already know that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be revealed on 19 April 2017, but what we didn’t know was if there was going to be a Mi 6 Plus or not. That has changed that with a leaked price listing, and it turns out that there’s going to be five different prices!


Judging on this leaked price list, the Mi 6 will solely run on 4GB of RAM while the Mi 6 Plus gets 6GB RAM. The rest of the variants will be based on internal storage from 64GB as the “smallest” to 256GB. Here’s how the estimated conversion rate looks like excluding GST and tax below:

  • 2199 Yuan ~ RM1413
  • 2599 Yuan ~ RM1670
  • 2699 Yuan ~ RM1734
  • 3099 Yuan ~ RM1991
  • 3699 Yuan ~ RM2377


Meanwhile, there’s also a new rumour that Xiaomi has integrated a gesture support for the home button aside from being just a fingerprint reader only. In other words, it should work similarly like Huawei’s P10 series and Meizu’s mTouch button one as well. It’s nothing new, but having gesture support on home button is really convenient and we won’t be surprised if this becomes a norm for smartphones in the future.

As always, take this news with a pinch of salt and stay tuned for more Xiaomi news at