Rumours: Samsung Galaxy Gear Apps and Pictures leak

Samsung Galaxy Gear leaked images.jpg

With just a couple of days away from it's supposed unveiling before the IFA 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch has had quite a lot of leaks come up. This includes screenshots of the smartphone app which will be used to interface with the smartwatch, which confirms that the Gear will be called the Gear and support NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. The app screenshots also reveal that the Gear will go by the model number of SM-V700. Other features include the rumour that the Gear can only last for 10 hours on a single charge, which as opposed to other smartwatches which say that they can last from 3 days to a week on a single charge may be the dealbreaker for some people. Confirming earlier statements that the Gear will not be using the flexible screen type as shown in the earlier patent drawings are leaked images of the Gear smartwatch live. Coming courtesy of VentureBeat, the images show off a 3-inch screen that would probably be an OLED type screen and colours which include dark gray and black with built-in speakers in the strap. A 4MP camera is also visible. Hopefully, everything turns out fine for the Gear as we hope it will spur other manufacturers onwards to better smartwatches but if this news is any indication, it may not be the perfect smartwatch we're all looking for.


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