Rumours: Samsung Galaxy S5 getting metal body?

Samsung Electronics .jpg

While it isn't the first time rumours about a metal body Samsung device have come out, new rumours have popped up stating that the Samsung Galaxy S5 (and perhaps other Samsung models after it) may get a metal body or chassis. Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will likely be released in 2014 for Malaysia, reports are claiming that Samsung may start production on a metal body Samsung Galaxy S5 by the end of the year. According to these reports a sample has already been produced and is being tested in Vietnam. Other tech specs and features for the S5 include a 16MP camera with OIS. Personally, we think that this is just wishful thinking as Samsung have been rumoured to develop metal clad smartphones before and have always declined in fear that it may delay production. Samsung would more likely go for a kevlar casing or other material before metal and we haven't seen any of those just yet either, so take this rumour with a big pinch of salt.


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