Rumours: Samsung may release 4 new tablets for the midrange masses in early 2014

Note Tab.jpg

According to rumours, Samsung may release 4 new tablets that focus more on the midrange and entry-level markets in 2014. As it is, Samsung have already flooded the premium markets nearly to the point of saturation, leaving the entry-level and midrange markets more or less undeveloped. These rumoured midrange tablets include the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, a 12-inch Galaxy Note tablet and a 13.3-inch convertible with dual-boot operating systems. Still no news yet if or when we'll see some more affordable PLS-LCD based devices just yet or for how much but we expect them to come during the MWC Expo in February 2014. While Samsung have dominated in the smartphone field they haven't been doing very well with tablets and this is something which could change come 2014. No Malaysia release dates or pricing though, but stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.