Rumours: Samsung may switch AMOLED to PLS-LCD for Galaxy S5 and Note 4 displays

Samsung PLS LCD.jpg

Samsung may be considering switching the current AMOLED displays in their smartphones to PLS-LCD displays. The move is supposedly because the price war is getting more cut-throat as lower cost Chinese smartphones are expanding into the market. The PLS-LCD displays offer more or less the same level of quality as AMOLED displays but offer a 20% cut in cost for a smartphone. On top of that, PLS-LCD technology is also owned by Samsung and could offer better yield compared to AMOLED displays. This doesn't mean that Samsung would stop using AMOLED displays completely though as they could be used in the rumoured premium Galaxy F Series of smartphones instead. However, such a move would result in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 having PLS-LCD displays and not the current AMOLED displays.  


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