Samsung BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator Malaysia release - up to 476L, starting price at RM3199


Other than the 2023 Neo QLED TVs, Samsung Malaysia also unveiled new BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerators. If you think they are just ordinary fridges with different colour models, well, you might want to read more about the features Samsung offers down below.  

The new BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator is capable of offering customised cooling performance. Built on the idea of eco-friendliness, the new fridges are said to offer food freshness with Optimal Fresh+ technology which is located at the top. It has four pre-set temperature modes to keep your food fresh and lasting twice as long, according to Samsung. 


In addition, Samsung also integrated SmartThings AI Energy Mode which allows you to monitor it from your phone. With this feature, you can proactively save energy and make informed choices on energy usage. The fridge also comes with a 20-year warranty on its compressor, that's really long. 

Below is the table for the official prices for each model for your reference:

Fridge Size Model code RRP (RM)
476L RT47CB66448A 3399
476L RT47CB66448C 3399
476L RT47CB66448J 3399
476L RT47CB664422 3399
427L RT42CB66443P 3199
427L RT42CB664412 3199
427L RT42CB66443V 3199
427L RT42CB6644C3 3199
404L RT38CB66448A 3199

For more details on Samsung's BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator, you can visit the official web portal here. If you want to check out the new 2023 Neo QLED TVs, you can check out our news coverage about it here