Samsung Definitely Working on New Smartwatch That Could Be The Galaxy Altius

samsung smartwatch altius.jpg

The next step in smart devices seem to be the wearable ones, with many saying that Apple's next big thing is going to be an "iWatch". However, Samsung have also reiterated that they will also come out with a smartwatch or similar device as well. In a Bloomberg report, Samsung VP Lee Young Hee was quoted as "We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them."


samsung-smartwatch 1.jpg

For the record, Samsung have been working on a smartwatch or at least a watch with phone capabilities for quite some time, beginning as early as 1999 with the SPH-WP10. In 2009 they launched a touchscreen version with Bluetooth support and Outlook email sync called the S9110 (pictured above). More recent rumours name the Samsung smartwatch as the Altius (in the top picture).

Samsung smartwatch 2.jpg

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