Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 first Gorilla Glass 4 equipped smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Alpha 2.jpg

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha was able to offer such a thin profile thanks to the stronger and thinner Corning Gorilla Glass 4

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 will reportedly be the first smartphones in the market to feature Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The latest generation of Gorilla Glass will be 2x times drop resistant as compared to the previous versions which means it can withstand drops around 80% of the time. Corning's experts studied over hundreds of broken devices to understand why the glass breaks after a fall. The results of the study indicate that over 70 percent of breakage occurs due to the surface contact with glass. In order to avoid this, the company made its latest Gorilla Glass 4 almost two times tougher. At the same time, the company managed to reduce the glass's thickness as compared to its previous generations. With this extra thin protective glass, Samsung managed to reduce the thickness of its Galaxy Alpha smartphone to just 7mm. The metal build coupled with the Gorilla Glass 4 protection makes the device sturdy and durable in spite of its thin profile. As for the tech specs, it features Samsung's Exynos 5 chipset with 4G LTE support, 4.7 inch Super AMOLED display, 13MP rear camera, 2.1MP secondary camera and 1860mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is available for purchase in Malaysia for RM1899 while the Galaxy Note 4 is going for RM2499.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the first few smartphones in the world to offer Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection


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