Samsung Galaxy Gear can be hacked into full Android device, plays Candy Crush

Samsung Galaxy Gear Candy Crush.jpg

While it is currently the most feature-filled smartwatch from a big company on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is still far from being the smartwatch that everyone wants. However, it turns out that this could be partly due to the limitations that Samsung have put on it, as the guys from Ars Technica have hacked the smartwatch to run Android 4.2.2 and even play a game of Candy Crush. Utilizing a technique called side-loading through ADB and USB debugging enabled, they not only loaded some full apps, they even watched some videos on the tiny 1.6-inch screen. However, since the tech specs of the Galaxy Gear just consist of an 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB storage and no WiFi, what you can do or install on the smartwatch is still very limited.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Candy Crush 2.jpg

Many of these limitations are because the Gear smartwatch lacks WiFi or a more direct means of connecting to the Internet on it's own. So even if you install a web browser, you won't be able to do much with it. The movie playback does have some potential as it looked okay enough (no pixelation, smooth, no lag) to watch. Check out the source for a video of how they did it and some instructions on how you can try and do it to your Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch as well. Be warned though, this will definitely violate your warranty and there is no guarantee that you won't brick the smartwatch entirely.