Samsung Galaxy Note 10 confirmed on 8 August 2019, register for the UNPACKED here


Samsung Malaysia recently confirmed the announcement date of the next Samsung UNPACKED to be 8 August 2019 along with a teaser video showing off a stylus and a camera. As such, it's a no-brainer that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (and possibly Galaxy Note 10 Pro) could be the device that may be revealed. Of course, there's no Malaysia release dates or pricing details yet but you can register your interest for now.

The teaser doesn't reveal much else about what the new Galaxy Note 10 series will bring to the table as the Galaxy Note 9 stylus could already be used as a camera shutter button remote control, presentation clicker and so forth. We're expecting at least a better camera than the Galaxy S10 but what feature would you like to see in the upcoming Galaxy Note 10? Let us know and stay tuned to as we'll be there to check it out first-hand. 


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