Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series could cost up to ~RM4977


The Galaxy Samsung Note 10 series is no stranger to innovation and high prices, and this year will be no different as the the aforementioned smartphone series will be expected to cost around the ballpark of 1100USD(~RM4562) to 1200USD(~RM4977) while the 5G model will most definitely cost more.

While it does not directly correlate to the local pricing, it does give us an idea on how the prices will be like when it officially launches in 2 months. Also, it seems that there will be 3 different models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. First is the base model Samsung Galaxy Note 10, followed by Galaxy Note 10 Pro, and lastly the Galaxy Note 10 5G edition.

As previously reported, the Samsung Galaxy will come with Infinity O display in the top middle of the display which houses the front-facing selfie camera. The rear camera will also be relocated more towards the side, similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy A70. For more updates like this, stay tuned to

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