Samsung Galaxy Note III Blazes on AnTuTu Benchmark!

Samsung Galaxy Note III Blazing Antutu .jpg

The AnTuTu Benchmarks are quickly becoming one of the places to go to for the latest appearances of as yet unannounced smartphones. This time around it is the Samsung Galaxy Note III which makes an appearance and what an appearance it is. Delivering a blazing AnTuTu score of 27914 this device was called the GT-N7200, which matches with current naming conventions for the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Just to put it in perspective, the Exynos 5 Octa powered Samsung Galaxy S4 regularly gets a score of 27000+ on the AnTuTu benchmark site so you can just imagine how much power you're getting underneath the hood for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III.

In a related note, if you take a closer look at the benchmark it also reveals that this device may be running on Android 4.3. This could be a hint on how the Samsung Galaxy Note III managed to achieve such high scores as each new version of Android has usually resulted in some form of performance increase, giving us something else to look forward to.

Check out the AnTuTu benchmarks below:

Samsung Galaxy Note III Blazing AnTuTu.jpg