Samsung Galaxy Note III Unpacked event on 4 September 2013

Samsung Note Unpacked.jpg

After teasing the Samsung Galaxy Note III for months now, Samsung are finally setting a date for it's unveiling. This date is 4 September 2013 for their Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 in New York city. While Samsung haven't stated for sure that it will feature the Note III there, the wording itself is suspect as Samsung have said to "Note the date" rather than the usual "Save the date" wording. As expected, the event is a few days before the IFA 2013 expo.

While there have been a whole bucket-load of rumours surprisingly, no really concrete evidence has managed to leak. So far we have estimates that there will be 3 separate versions of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III, each with a different screen along with a different processor. This could include combinations of flexible screens with Snapdragon 800 processors or new Samsung Exynos 5420 processors along with 3GB worth of RAM. Other surprises in store for us could include a Samsung smartwatch which is what Sony did when they launched their Sony Xperia Z Ultra