Samsung Galaxy S III Getting Galaxy S IV Features


Samsung Galaxy S III users who have been enviously reading up about all the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S IV can now stop feeling so jealous. Samsung officials have said that many of the new features available in the new Samsung Galaxy S IV will be made available in the Samsung Galaxy S III and other flagship models such as the Note II or perhaps the Grand. These features are mostly hardware dependent, so if it requires hardware that the S III doesn't have, it probably won't be included. However, this does mean that new features that don't require such hardware may also be included. This list may include:

  • Smart scroll
  • Smart pause
  • Air View
  • Eraser mode

... and many more.

When these features will be made available to Samsung Galaxy S III users and other smartphones has still not been made available to us yet. In all likelihood this may be several months after the Samsung Galaxy S4 release in Asia (and Malaysia) which has been rumored to be at the end of April 2013. We will continue to keep you updated.

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