Samsung Galaxy S21 won't be having under-display camera

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Although the under-display camera (UDC) is a highly-anticipated technology for smartphones next year, it looks like Samsung won't be bringing it to their next flagship series. It is reported that the tech giant has scrapped the idea off for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Therefore, we won't be seeing the technology on Samsung's smartphones until mid-2021.

According to South Korean media TheElec, Samsung will only launch their first device with UDC in Q2 2021. The device is expected to be a foldable device and goes by the name "Z Fold 3". Therefore, if you're expecting the Galaxy S21 to come with the technology, you might be disappointed.

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It is said that the reason for not putting the idea in the design process of Galaxy S21 is low production yield-rates. Samsung Display has been trying the Hole In Active Area (HIAA) process for UDC technology. Introduced with the Galaxy S10 series, the process uses high-precision lasers to cut through the display to make way for cameras. Last year, the company used Wonik IPS’ vacuum chamber and Philoptics laser to improve the process. However, the process has faced low production yield-rates.

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