Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users are concerned with the phone’s camera and its features - This is why


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, this news might surprise you. Recently, numerous reports about the phone’s camera surfaced on the internet. That said, what should you know about it?

For your information, Samsung replaced its iconic 10x telephoto camera with a 5x telephoto camera. This led to numerous reports and complaints about the phone’s camera quality. One of the owners also said they are stressed because the quality is lower than the previous S20.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 105418.png

In addition, the Samsung moderator said the company is focusing on a more natural output. Generally, Samsung’s phone increases or improves the saturation to make it more eye-pleasing. This puts Samsung at an advantage since almost every other rival sharpens the images digitally too.

Moreover, the moderator reassures everyone that Samsung will address this issue soon. To help with this issue, the moderator encourages everyone to share the “problematic” photos with the company through the Send Error menu in Members. Samsung will try to analyze the problem in the images and include corrections in future firmware updates.

We have yet to confirm other details on the subject. Hopefully, these are just isolated incidents and Samsung could solve this problem soon. If you own this variant, you might want to keep it always updated.


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