Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life Tests

Samsung Galaxy S4.jpg

While most reviews cover most of the feature tests and performance tests, testing battery life can take quite some time so it is only just now that we have the battery life tests fo the Samsung Galaxy S4. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks and feels about the same weight and size as the Samsung Galaxy S III, it has a bigger screen, more powerful processors and about 500 mAh more with its 2600 mAh battery. Bear in mind that these tests were done with the Snapdragon 600 quad core enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 and cover 3 tests which include talk time, web browsing and video playback.

Talk Time

SGS4 Battery Life talk time.jpg

Web Browsing

SGS4 Battery Life web browse.jpg

Video Playback

SGS4 Battery Life Video playback.jpg