Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV NFC only works with New TecTiles 2

Samsung Galaxy S4 TecTiles.jpg

The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings with many new additional features and functions. While NFC isn't new and has been available on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung recently revealed that the previous programmable NFC sticker TecTiles doesn't work with the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV. So if you've been using this a lot (and have TecTile stickers all over the place) don't be surprised if your new Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV doesn't seem to work with them. This is because Samsung have released a new TecTiles 2 version. This news isn't such a big thing for Malaysia where not many people actually use it but for the tech savvy it could be the explanation for why your new smartphone isn't working as you well as the previous one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 TecTiles 2.jpg

To find out if you're using TecTiles 1 and need to get new TecTiles 2, place your Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV smartphone over the TecTile tag. If the Samsung TecTile screen shows up with an error message "This tag is not supported" it means you need to go and replace your TecTiles. TecTile 2 tags should be available for retail soon and shouldn't cost much more than what the original TecTile 1 tags cost. For those of you who are interested in using TecTiles check out the video below:

Samsung TecTiles in action