Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV Pre-orders Begin but Malaysia Coming Later!

Samsung Galaxy S4.jpg

Samsung has finally released confirmed dates as to when the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV will be released in the United Kingdom with these dates being 25 and 26 April 2013. UK retailers have since opened up Pre-order registration for the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV starting from £629.95 (RM2962.44) without any SIM (meaning there isn't any data plan or service contract). The smartphone is available in both 'Black Mist' and 'White Frost'.

So far, data plans involving the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV and UK retailers pre-order packages include contracts starting from £32 to £41 (RM150.48 to RM192.81) per month and upfront payments of £99.99 (RM470.22) and above. Amazon also has similar pre-order packages with both colours on sale. SIM free versions on Amazon are also £600 (RM2821.59) and above with a higher premium on the white coloured Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV. No news yet on pre-order packages for Malaysia and other South East Asian countries, but the prices listed here should probably reflect on the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV price in Malaysia as expecting after 26 April 2013. For a refresher of the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV tech specs at Mobile Mega Mall, click here.