Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV Telco Plan Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S4 telco compare cover.jpg

Practically all of the major telcos have already come out with their bundle plans for the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV. While not totally unexpected, all of them are offering the Non-LTE enabled Exynos 5 Octa powered Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV or I9500. The estimated RRP for this model is at RM2199. According to some telcos the LTE-enabled version or I9505 is coming soon, perhaps to be offered with a suitable LTE bundle plan.

DiGi Bundle Plans

The first Pre-order bundle plan for the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV came from DiGi which is listed in the table below:

DiGi Samsung Galaxy S4 Preorder Table.jpg

The DiGi bundle plans have rebates for the DG Smart Plan 58 and DG Smart Plan 88 of RM10 and RM20 respectively while the DG Smart Plan 148 does not. However, the DG Smart Plan 148 provides the largest amount of Data and freebies along with the lowest rates.

U Mobile Bundle Plans

U Mobile came next with their Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV bundle plans. For more details check out the table below:

U Mobile.jpg

This time around, U Mobile also included a special U Plus plan. It does offer generous savings and the same RM899 price as the U Premium plan but this plan is conditional in that you need to be a long-time U Mobile postpaid customer to qualify. The U Plus plan also does not appear in the standard Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV bundle plans on the U Mobile site.

Maxis Bundle Plans

Maxis was the next to come up with their Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV plans as detailed in the table below:


In this round Maxis added on an extra 12 months contract for all the bundle plans involved. Strangely enough, the bundle plan with the lowest subsidized price of RM1149 does not have the highest Data quota and there are certain conditions to be met before you can get this price. These conditions include that it is Exclusive for Online offers (which provides an RM100 rebate from the normal price of RM1249) and is only available for new Maxis Line subscriptions.

Celcom Bundle Plans

As usual, Celcom was the last, but not the least to offer their Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV bundle plans. Check out their details in the table below:


As you can see, Celcom added on even more flexibility by offering 12 months, 18 months and 24 months contracts for multiple plans. Of note was the additional mPro Plus plan which provided a much lower monthly fee but raised the general Call and SMS rates while maintaining the same top 5GB Data Quota as the high-end Celcom First Elite bundle plan. It was also the only Celcom bundle plan to provide freebies. At RM1388 it was also just a bit higher than the lowest subsidized price of RM1338.

Complete Telco Comparison

A complete comparison of the lowest subsidized price on the highest-end bundle plans for each telco is shown in the table below:

Complete Comparison.jpg

Do check out other Celcom, Maxis, U Mobile and DiGi plans or go to their respective Celcom, Maxis, U Mobile and DiGi sites for more information.