Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life benchmarked again

Samsung Galaxy S5 battery benchmark talk time.jpg

The more tests the better, especially if it is something as subjective as battery life, which is why we've got this battery life test for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Covering Talk time, Web Browsing and Video playback, the Galaxy S5 does surprisingly well despite having a much brighter screen than before. This includes continuous talk time of more than 21 hours with 3G enabled along with 9 hours and 36 minutes of web browsing. In terms of battery tech specs, the Galaxy S5 does have a slightly larger 2800 mAh battery resulting in video playback of 11 hours. If you really need to save battery life Samsung have included many power saving features like the Ultra Power Saving mode, which basically turns your Galaxy S5 into an e-ink smartphone with little to no connectivity. Check out the graphs for yourself below:

Samsung Galaxy S5 battery benchmark video playback.jpg

Samsung Galaxy S5 battery benchmark web browsing.jpg


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