Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Ultra leaked - The new watch could feature a streamlined boxy design


The last time Samsung sold a watch with a boxy body was the Gear S in 2014. If the teaser images leaked via Onleaks and Smartprix this week turn out to be true, this long-forgotten design will return with the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Ultra after a decade. That said, what should you know about it?

Although the body is square, the Galaxy Watch7 Ultra screen still maintains a round screen. At a glance, Samsung seems to take inspiration from Bell & Ross watches. The design looks stylish. Two physical buttons can be seen on the right side but this time a circular rotary knob is also included.

Screenshot 2024-05-25 224418.png

Additionally, the left side features two halves that may be for speakers. Meanwhile, the watch strap is made of silicone material that you can change with other options like previous models. What's interesting here is the watch strap mechanism. This mechanism looks similar to the one used on the iPhone instead of a regular watch strap.

Besides that, Samsung already hinted that their next smartwatch will have more comprehensive health tracking features. It has already passed certification for sleep apnea detection and there are plans to detect blood sugar. The answer to this question will be answered at the Unpacked event which is expected to take place next July 10.

We have yet to confirm other details or the Malaysia release date for the device. So, we should wait for more confirmation from Samsung in the future.

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