Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite could be coming as a cheaper folding smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold cover EDITED.jpg

Samsung's folding smartphones are still currently priced high by featuring that expensive AMOLED folding screen. If you want to get one at a lower price, you might need to wait for a sale like 11.11 to happen but the discount won't be a huge one. Having that said, it is rumoured that the tech giant might release a cheaper variant of the Galaxy Z Flip in the near future and we can't wait!

According to reputable tipster Ross Young, a cheaper Galaxy Z Flip might be on the way and it's going to feature the UTG (Ultra-thin Glass) display. He also revealed that the device could be called Galaxy Z Flip Lite. To lower down the cost, the Galaxy Z Flip Lite is said to come with an inferior chipset.

Earlier, rumour has it that the Galaxy Z Fold will be having a cheaper variant made as well. It looks like Samsung wants to make their folding smartphones more accessible to the market. For the price change, it is still currently unknown how much it will be lowered but let's hope it's a lot! (haha)

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