Samsung Malaysia is offering a 30% discount deal on the Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor now

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9.png

Samsung Malaysia has been trying to promote the Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor for a while now. And if you have been eyeing it, perhaps now could be your chance as there's an ongoing promotion. The company is partnering with some top local gaming creators to offer a 30% discount on the gaming monitor.

To get the special 30% discount deal, all you have to do is follow any of the gaming creators - YingTze, Teh Jin Shi or a.k.a. FanCFreakz, JanuaryAKG, Mamajess520 and Aisaka Miharu. Just for context, a 30% discount is worth over RM2800 on the Odyssey Neo G9. A little bit of maths here, you can purchase the gaming monitor at RM6616. 


(L-R) YingTze, FanCFreakz, JanuaryAKG, Mamakess520 and Aisaka Miharu

The promotion has already begun and will last until 31 December 2021. For your information, the gaming monitor currently retails at RM9499. The purchase can be made on Samsung Online Store. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at